Pursue an MBA Specialisation of Your Choice in India
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Pursue an MBA Specialisation of Your Choice in India

In today's fast-paced world, you are spoilt for choice with a variety of traditional and contemporary courses. But if you are looking to gain soft skills, steadfast knowledge, and strong ethics to fit into the business community, an MBA program is a perfect choice. A popular study program in India and abroad, the Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a prestigious and internationally recognised postgraduate degree. MBA teaches you all the essential skills to be a dynamic manager or entrepreneur in any business and lets you specialise in a subject of your choice.

Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid of standing still.
- Chinese Proverb

If you pursue an MBA in India, you can be a competent leader who knows how to adapt to new situations, values teamwork and has the right spirit to take risks when required. Apart from being an excellent character builder, an MBA degree is a gateway to a plethora of job opportunities and a handsome salary in the corporate world.

Once you have decided to pursue an MBA, you have to pick your specialisation to get a deep insight into the field of your choice. While an MBA in Banking & Finance, Human Resource Management, or Marketing Management is usually the obvious choice, there are plenty of other unique options available!

MBA in Information Technology

Do you find information security, telecommunications, and IT project management exciting and intriguing subjects to study? If you plan to be a part of e-commerce platforms and technology-driven, internet-based companies, an MBA in Information Technology will give you the upper hand in this competitive market! With a knack for adapting to changing technologies and developing a conceptual vision, one can opt for significant career options at the management level with job profiles such as Chief Technology Officer, Data Processing Manager, and IT Consultant.

MBA in Rural Management

This specialisation is all about learning and managing the rural markets. If converting rural areas into high potential markets by applying many management theories and practices sounds exciting, MBA in Rural Management is the specialisation for you! This specialisation provides you with job roles like Rural Development Officer, National Sales Development Manager, and more.

MBA in Health-Care Management

Healthcare management is a heavy-duty task that requires a global degree. When you pick this specialisation, you can choose from a wide range of roles in hospital chains, companies, diagnostic chains, healthcare insurance companies, etc. This specialisation gives you bright career prospects in Preventive Healthcare, Pharma Management, Hospital Administration, and Management and Health Insurance, to name a few.

MBA in Operations Management

Planning, creation, and management of resource capabilities are the pillars for making products or providing services. If you are a good communicator and want to dabble in a variety of business operations - MBA in Operations Management is just the one for you! Increasing efficiency of Operating Systems(OS), managing supply chain and logistics will be the focus areas. Managerial positions like Operational Research Analyst, Manufacturing Consulting Manager, Supply Chain Manager, etc., are up for grabs with this degree.

MBA in Event Management

If you’re an extrovert who loves planning events and interacting with people, this is the specialisation for you! Managing events like business conferences, wedding celebrations, company meetings, corporate parties, and other celebrations is an exciting career option. An MBA in Event Management will enhance your skills in presentation, communication, catering, and event management.

MBA in Business Analytics

Business analytics helps gain valuable insights and drive all business planning. If data analysis and drawing a business plan from it excites you, you’re in the right place. This scope of work is consistently growing as the demand for talent to analyse and demystify big data is scaling up year after year. This specialisation opens doors to many lucrative job roles like Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Big Data Analyst, Market Research Analyst, Data Mining Expert, among others.

MBA in Energy Management

Want to make a career in the field of energy and power? With this specialisation, you can create an impact and meet the challenges of the energy sector. It gives exposure to best practices and innovations in this sector and makes an individual facilitator for responsiveness, understanding, and execution of enactments related to energy. Various organizations need people who are equipped with energy management skills. You can become an Energy Auditor, Energy Manager, Energy Consultant, and much more in thriving organizations.

MBA in Agri-Business Management

This specialisation is best suited for those who have a study background in agriculture such as Agricultural Engineering, Food Engineering/Technology, or a graduate degree in Agriculture Science or Biotechnology. If you have a keen interest in agriculture and allied business activities, opt for this right away. You can work in various roles like Marketing, Finance, and Operations, among other domains.

MBA in Sustainability Management

Students who are extremely passionate about environmental management will be the right fit for this specialisation. You can study new ways to provide sustainability within social, environmental, and disaster-related contexts if you specialise in this field. Some of the most common jobs in the business field would be Human Resources, Sustainability Consultant, and more.

MBA in Family-Managed Business

When you have a family business that you want to expand with your entrepreneurship skills, then this is the specialisation for you. Get all the proper grooming to spark innovation and leadership skills by enrolling for an MBA in Family-Managed Business. You can choose from various job titles such as Business Administrator, Relationship Manager, and Finance Manager.

The rapidly evolving business and industry requirements dictate the demand for MBA specialisations, making it a thrilling field to explore. Pick your domain, develop flexible management skills and access an extensive global business network! India has multiple institutes and MBA specialisations to choose from. Don't forget to enrol in the Study in India Programme to kickstart your journey towards an exciting career today!

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