Top 10 Career Paths to Explore in the Next Decade

The rise of technology, automation, globalization, and urbanization are contributing to rapid change in the work landscape.

According to the key findings of The Future of Jobs Report 2020 by the World Economic Forum, 85 million human jobs are likely to be displaced by machines by 2025. Against that, 97 million new job roles are likely to pop up, with work being equally divided between humans and machines. There will be innumerable job opportunities in every field from popular ones like Engineering, Architecture, Management, etc to niche and exciting areas such as Health and Wellness, Alternative Energy, Urban Farming, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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To weather such a storm of uncertainty, it is necessary for students to choose a relevant career option for several years to come and can withstand economic upheavals. So take out your notepads and jot down the list of in-demand jobs for the next decade - and more.

Healthcare Professionals

In recent years the demand for healthcare professionals such as Nurses, Medical and Health Service Managers, Medical Technologists, Physicians, Surgeons, etc has surged. These qualified and trained professionals perform a plethora of jobs, such as - monitoring a patient’s vitals, personal hygiene, maintaining health records, diagnosing medical conditions, developing treatment plans, etc. The scope is vast, and so are the opportunities. Students should opt for college courses in pre-med, biology, and science. Having skillsets like sharp memory, zeal for research, ability to work in dynamic and critical environments, communication and interpersonal skills with an empathetic approach serve as additional boons.

Information Technology Professionals

The IT field has been growing at a breakneck speed due to advancements in technology and the internet. Job opportunities in cybersecurity, web development, and data science have skyrocketed. Students can opt for computer science degrees and branch out in job roles like Software Developer, Web Developer, Information Security Analyst, and Data Scientist, to name a few. As the field is dynamic and expanding, an individual’s career will not just survive but thrive. Along with technical skills, soft skills such as communication, analytical abilities, resourcefulness, problem-solving and creativity must be a must.

Sports Therapists

Given the current times, people have become more health-conscious. They have been hitting gyms, taking up sports and athletics, and paying special attention to nutrition. This need for fitness has increased job opportunities for physical therapists, personal trainers/coaches, and nutritionists. A physical education degree along with skill sets like a knack for dealing with critical injuries, motivational communication style, and good interpersonal skills will benefit individuals thinking of pursuing a career in the same.


The growing world population has increased dependency on animals for food, by-products, and providing livelihood at large. In recent years, the pet-grooming industry has also grown fourfold. As a result, the demand for vets has increased. From tending to the healthcare needs of pets, farm animals, zoo and lab animals to performing surgeries and prescribing medicines, vets are also responsible for keeping food safety and health in check. With love and empathy for animals as a prerequisite, a degree in veterinary medicine or chemistry, animal biology, biochemistry, or zoology should be pursued by interested individuals.

Post-Secondary Teachers

To impart academic and technical knowledge to the future workforce and help them harness their skills, teachers play a vital role. Even with the advancement of e-learning, nothing can beat the interpersonal touch that teachers can provide. The role of a post-secondary teacher is not just limited to teaching. They also conduct research and publish books. One should have a degree in education and soft skills like patience, critical and imaginative thinking, and good communication skills to make teaching a fruitful career option.

Financial Analysts

Due to the unsettling nature of the market and economy, solid financial planning is crucial for business organizations as well as individuals. This is where financial analysts play an important role by conducting research, analyzing the market, devising robust short-term or long-term financial strategies, and providing investment recommendations. If you love working with numbers, possess good analytical skills, and pursue an MBA degree, this career option is perfect for you.

Civil Engineers

Civil engineering has been one of the oldest and steadiest engineering disciplines. Construction and maintenance of infrastructure projects like housing, roads, airports, railways, etc., are imperative to facilitate a growing population and economy. Hence, the demand for civil engineers and construction managers is on the rise. One must possess sound mathematical and scientific skills, problem-solving, and management skills to excel in this lucrative career.

Operations Research Analyst

In big organizations, several unforeseeable factors can affect operations. This is where operations research analysts become the best bet. They help identify problems, devise solutions based on statistical data, create models that predict outcomes, and advise managers on resource allocation, production, and prices. A degree in operations research, statistics or mathematics, and soft skills like problem-solving and analytical thinking are required for an individual to excel in this career.


In today’s day and age, digital devices have taken over our lives. Every major brand is competing for consumers’ attention on social platforms. Over the past decade, the field of digital marketing has seen a meteoric rise, and it continues to scale up. This growth has supplemented various creative job opportunities, viz. designers, marketers, writers, and game developers. Individuals with a degree in marketing or mass communication and good creative writing skills, communication, and time-management skills can flourish in this field.


If you think that artisans are simply trinkets of the tourism industry, think again! Goods produced by artisans such as high-end handicrafts, furnishings, foods, etc., are made by hand and rare in nature. These talented craftsmen usually inherit skills that have been passed down to them from one generation to another. Thus, they hold a great value - especially amongst millennials on the lookout for unique collectables. To excel as an artisan, an individual must cultivate a lot of patience and willingness to learn the craft from experts.

Recent global events have caused a seismic shift in the job market. To chart a successful course, students should focus on developing and upgrading their skills. They should also align their interests with in-demand job roles. And we hope this list serves as a great start to the same. Wishing you good luck in your future endeavours!

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