Institutes of Eminence

Institutes of Eminence

Institutes of Eminence is a scheme launched by the Government and initiated by UGC (University Grant Commission). The scheme was proposed in the Union Budget of 2016 to make top Indian Institutes globally competitive. The purpose behind this is to popularize the Indian higher institutes on the international stage and help them to become top-class teaching and research institutes. As per the regulatory scheme of Institute of Eminence, ten public and ten private institutes in India are recognized to emerge as renowned teaching, learning and research centres internationally. Primary objectives of the scheme include:

  • To provide for higher education institutes lead to excellence and take innovative steps in different branches of knowledge.
  • To promote academic engagement for students to develop their capacity. It will help them to compete in the international education marketplace.
  • Over time, to be among the top-rated and recognized institutes for research and teaching around the world.
  • To focus on emerging areas of education, including interdisciplinary areas.

The institutes recognized as IoEs get enhanced autonomy and additional funding from the government. However, only public IoEs are eligible for additional government funding. In a nutshell, the Institutes of Eminence get access to increased collaboration with global universities.

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