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National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research Hyderabad

Balanagar, Hyderabad-500037 ,Hyderabad

About Us

National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research Hyderabad is an institute of National importance with a vision to serve as a leading global institution in the field of higher learning and research in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Management and to be one of the principal sources of professional manpower in the field for strengthening the Indian Pharma industry in obtaining quality products at affordable prices NIPER Hyderabad has secured 5th rank under Pharmacy Category in NIRF ranking 2020 The institute is well equipped with State of Art facilities for carrying out advanced research in the areas of pharmaceutical importance NIPER Hyderabad has published more than 584 publications in peer reviewed International National Journals and filed 12 patents Institute has also received 32 research projects from several government funding agencies like DST DBT Ayush ICMR etc to carry out research in different areas of Pharmaceutical sciences NIPER Faculties have received several prestigious awards such as Angelika Bierhaus award from NEURODIAB IDMA Young Pharmaceutical Analyst Award OPPI award Young scientist award from Telanagna Academy of Sciences and FICCI Award of Excellence Women in R&D etc The institute has established number of research collaborations with reputed national and international institutes and universities We have also entered into MoUs with leading institutes like IIT-BHU Varanasi National Institute for Micro Small and Medium Enterprises Hyderabad and Central Council for Research Institute of Unani Medicine Hyderabad & Research and Innovation Circle of Hyderabad Hyderabad Faculty members have considerable experience in carrying out translational projects

Area of Excellence

Drug Delivery Topical dermal drug delivery Process Chemistry Analytical Method Validation Pharcological screening and Pharmacodynamic evaluation Pharmacoinformatics Regulatory toxicology Development of Novel Treatment and Chemopreventive approaches with special emphasis on Ancient Indian Herbal medicine for management of Cancer and Diabetes Genotoxicological and Pharmacodynamic evaluation of Nanoparticles Microparticles liposomes phytosomes

Research Capability and Focus Area

Drug Delivery Topical dermal drug delivery Bioavailability enhancement Nano and microscaled drug delivery cargo development Targeted drug deliveries along with Novel platform technologies Neurodisorders Brain injury analysis Green chemistry Exploration of new synthetic methodologies including Online Mechanistic Investigations by ESI MS/MS Analysis of structural features of peptides Genotoxicological evaluation

Notable Research / Publication

[1] Srikanth Gatadi, Srinivas Nanduri. New potential drug leads against MDR-MTB: A short review. Bioorganic Chemistry. 2020; 95, 103534. [2] Bhandari, S.; Sana, S.; Shankaraiah, N. Ring-Opening Cyclization of Activated Spiro-aziridine Oxindoles with Heteroarenes: A Facile Synthetic Approach to Spiro-oxindole Fused Pyrroloindolines. RSC Advances 2020, 10, 16101-16109. [3] Shankaraiah, N.; Sakla, A. P.; Laxmikeshav, K.; Tokala, R. Reliability of Click Chemistry on Drug Discovery: A Personal Account. Chem. Record 2020, 20, 253-272 [4] Bora, D, Tokala R, John SE, Prasanth, B. Shankaraiah N. Carboline directed regioselective hydroxylation by employing Cu(OAc)2 and mechanistic investigation by ESI-MS. Org. Biomol. Chem., 2020, 18, 2307-2311. [5] Yadav U, Sakla A.P, Tokala R, Nyalam ST; Khurana A, Digwal CS, Talla V, Godugu C, Shankaraiah N, Kamal A. Design and synthesis of 5-morpholino-thiophene-indole/oxindole hybrids as cytotoxic agents. ChemistrySelect 2020, 5, 4356-4363. [6] Donthiboina K, Mani GS, Shankaraiah N, Kamal A. Iodine-mediated oxidative annulation by C-C cleavage: A domino synthetic approach to quinazolinones and benzimidazo[1,2-c]quinazolines. ChemistrySelect 2020, 5, 3923-3928 [7] Bhandari S, Sakla AP, Shankaraiah N. FeCl3-Catalyzed Domino Reaction: A Mild Synthetic Approach to Spirooxindolo-2-iminothiazolidine Scaffolds. Chemistry Select 2020, 5, 2886-2891 [8] Manasa, K.L.; Pujitha, S.; Sethi, A.; Arifuddin, M.; Alvala, M.; Angeli, A.; Supuran, C.T. Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Imidazo[2,1-b]Thiazole based Sulfonyl Piperazines as Novel Carbonic Anhydrase II Inhibitors. Metabolites 2020, 10, 136. [9] Goud, N.S.; Kanth Makani V. K; Pranay, J.; Alvala, R.; Qureshi, I. A.; Kumar, P.; Bharath, R. D.; Nagaraj, C.; Yerramsetty, S.; Pal-Bhadra, M.; Alvala, M. Synthesis, 18F-radiolabeling and apoptosis inducing studies of novel 4,7-disubstituted coumarins. Bioorg Chem. 2020, 97, 103663. [10] Saleem Yousuf Bhat, PeddapakaJagruthi, Angapelly Srinivas, Mohammed Arifuddin, Insaf Ahmed Qureshi. Synthesis of quinoline-carbaldehyde derivatives as novel inhibitors for leishmanial methionine aminopeptidase 1. Eur. J. Med. Chem. 2020, 186, 111860. [11] ManasaKadagathur, G. Parimala Devi, Preeti Grewal, Dilep Kumar Sigalapalli, Priyanka N. Makhal, Uttam Chand Banerjee, Nagendra Babu Bathini, Neelima D. Tangellamudia, Novel diindoloazepinone derivatives as DNA minor groove binding agents with selective topoisomerase I inhibition: Design, synthesis, biological evaluation and docking studies, Bioorg. Chem., 2020, 99, 103629. [12] Saiprasad N. Nunewar, Naveen Kotla, Jaya Lakshmi Uppu, Apoorva Dixit, Venkatesh Pooladanda, ChandraiahGodugu, Neelima D. Tangellamudi, Synthesis of 1-(Indol-2-yl)-phenoxazine hybrids from quinacetophenone precursors and their biological evaluation as DNA intercalating agent, J. Mol. Struct., 2020, 128311. [13] Daipule, Komal.; Goud, Nerella Sridhar.; Sethi, Aaftaab.; Gurrapu, Swapna; Mamidala, Estari; Alvala, Mallika; Synthesis, molecular docking simulation, and biological evaluation studies of novel amide and ether conjugates of 2, 3-diaryl-1, 3-thiazolidin-4-ones. Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry, 2020, 57, 774-790. [14] Komal D, Joshi K, Sethi A, Soukya L, Alvala M. Targeting Integrase enzyme: A Therapeutic Approach to combat HIV resistance. Mini Rev. Med. Chem. 2020, 20, 219-238. [15] D Swain, AS Yadav, C Sasapu, V Akula, G Samanthula, UPLC Separation of forced degradation and process related impurities of Velpatasvir and structure elucidation by online LC-Quadrupole-Time of flight-Tandem mass Spectrometry. Microchemical Journal2020, 155, 104657. [16] Bhargavi Thalluri, Vivek Dhiman, Shristy Tiwari, ShandaliyaMahamuni Baira, MVN Kumar Talluri, Study on forced degradation behaviour of dofetilide by LC-PDA and Q-TOF/MS/MS: Mechanistic explanations of hydrolytic, oxidative and photocatalytic rearrangement of degradation products, Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis, 2020, 179, 112985. [17] Shristy S. Tiwari, Sumit Mukesh, Abhay T. Sangamwar, M.V.N. Kumar Talluri, In vivo metabolic investigation of Cetilistatin normal vs pseudo germ free rats by UPLC-Q-TOF/MS/MS and in silico toxicological evaluation of its metabolites. Biomedical Chromatography, 2020, e4860 [18] Shruti Surendran, Rekha Sapkal, David Paul, SatheeshkumarNanjappan. Effect of Resveratrol on Dipeptidyl peptidase-4 Inhibitors Pharmacokinetics: An In Vitro and In Vivo Approach. Chemico-Biological Interactions, 2020, 315, 108909. [19] Johnsirani P, Aabid Abdullah Wani, Prasad V Bharatam, SatheeshkumarNanjappan. 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