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Simplifying the 'Study in India' program in four easy steps

14-Dec-18 11:45 AM


Finding your dream college in a land that has one of the largest higher education systems in the world can be a trying task. Sorting through college rankings and courses, finding out requirements for admission, narrowing down the list, submitting necessary documents can take up a lot of time.


What if you could apply to your ideal college through 4 easy steps?

That’s where we step in.


The ‘Study in India’ program is a government of India initiative that has made applying to the top institutes in India completely digital and student friendly. The best part is you can even apply for one of our 9500+ fee waivers offered across courses at the same time. Get a 25%(G3), 50%(G2) or even 100%(G1) off in fees by applying for it in the Choice Filling section of the registration process.


Apply here:


This unique program cuts out the middleman and connects you directly with a network of 160+ Study in India partner institutes and lists 1500+ courses(including niche ones). As a result, the admission process becomes transparent, and you’ll also be able to track the status of your application at each step.


In addition, there’s loads of information to help make your transition easier. You can read up on Visa requirements, eligibility criteria, get tips and advice on planning your studies & stay, blogs & articles about the different facets of the country and more!


The 4 steps to apply to ‘Study in India’:


      Register/sign up - then login

      Fill in the student information section:

Basic Information

Academic Information

Document Information

Background Information

      Update your choices in the choice filling section

Fill in your choice based on:


Program level


Fee waiver preference (G1+G2+G3 or G4)

(Fee waivers are given based on merit, so tick mark all sections to increase your chances of winning one)

      Submit your application


After the Mock and Final Counselling rounds, your chosen colleges will get back to you with the Allotment letter.


Click here to apply:


For queries,

Write to:

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