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How to select the right college for you!

22-Nov-18 12:51 PM


Finding and applying to the right college in a foreign country is not a mammoth task. Study in India makes the admission process to any college/university in India easy.

Here’s a step-by-step guide.

Select a course/college according to your preference 

Visit the Plan Your Studies tab on the Study in India homepage to find out more about where you'd like to study.

Under Programmes and Universities, select List of Institutes/Universities-Discipline wise.

This section allows you to filter the search to type of institute, course names, subject, state and program level.

Clicking on the college listed will give you further information about the courses, including cost and requirements.

For Short Term Courses

Under Programmes and Universities, select for Short-term/Niche Courses

You can find out more about the niche courses like Ayurveda, Yoga, Classical dance, Hindi, Buddhism among others.

All colleges and universities listed with Study in India, have the best ranking and accreditation according to NIRF, NAAC guidelines to ensure the education you receive is of the highest quality.

Please note, you can apply to as many colleges. Once you have decided on your list of ideal colleges, we’d suggest you browse through accommodations and living in India. Look up the location, climate, culture and other factors before finalizing your choice. 

Any additional information about studying in India can be found in the Plan your Studies tab on our website.

Know how much your education will cost

On an average, a student can spend about $5500 per year. This figure may vary depending on the course and college you choose, as well as the living expenses and tuition cost.

Being awarded with a scholarship will definitely lower the expense of studying in a foreign country.

Apply for a fee waiver

Study in India offers more than 9500 fee waivers across courses.

The following are the brackets for fee waivers: 

G1: 100% fee waiver

G2: 50% fee waiver

G3: 25% fee waiver

G4: 0% fee waiver

Please note, fee waivers are awarded on the basis of merit and availability of seats. If you’re applying for a waiver, it is important to select all 3 brackets(G1+G2+G3) in your application, so the odds of receiving a fee waiver are in your favour.

You can apply for a fee waiver in the ‘Choice filling’ section of your application on the Study in India website.

Process your application - the steps

Register/sign up

Enter your details and submit your form

Activate your account by clicking on the link in the confirmation email, you receive on your registered email id

Note down your Study in India credentials

Login to your account on Study in India

You will be directed to your student dashboard. The dashboard lets you view all the details submitted, as well as the progress of your application.

The student information section:

      Basic Information

      Academic Information

      Document Information

      Background Information

Save your data

Please upload documents where requested. You can edit your information anytime till the specified end date. You cannot make edits once you submit your application.

The choice filling section:

Fill in your choice based on


Program level



Fee waiver preference (G1+G2+G3 or G4)


Click submit. Your chosen colleges will get back to you.

A lifetime of knowledge and experiences await you in India. Take the first step and fill out your application now on 

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